Tom Cochrane


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Ashes To Diamonds

I've seen enough
The next time you better stay loose
There's plenty of government action in the neighborhood
It's a general uprisin'
See the men in gold
The P.M.'s bad man says give me one at a time


Ashes to diamonds
Taken all they find
Turning blood to gold
Won't let go

So damned hot
The next time you better slow down
If they catch you near the border
Then it's nothing short of dead or alive
Got your number son
Now we'll get your Capetown buddy
Then we're gonna take you out for a ride


The moon is on the horizon
This time you better stay low
There's nothing short of heaven
Going to help you when this hell starts to blow
There's a freeze on the lines here
Nothing gets in or gets out
The only thing you see
Is what they show you in the government news


Ashes to diamonds
Blood to gold (repeat) 

© Tom Cochrane