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Can't Turn Back

Knew he was a misfit,
Since the age of seventeen
He had to do it his way they said,
He should be quarantined
He went looking to the East,
He went looking to the West
He was looking for the courage,
To see which way was the best.

Can't turn back, Oh no

Look out on his right,
He would look out on his left
He would look out in the distance,
Where he could see the wilderness
When the thunderhead approached,
He would pull off to the side
And when the sun broke through,
He would get back out and ride

Cause you can't turn back....

Try to see the forest for the trees,
The wind storm for the breeze
No one ever said that it would be that easy
You make your way through the debris,
Stand up for your beliefs
Even though they all might say you're crazy

He always had the feeling,
He would get back out alive
But the more that he sees of it,
Then the less he fantasizes
Though he's lost a bit of freedom,
He has traded it for love
Knows that he'd fight for it,
If that push came to shove

Cause you can't turn back.....

© Tom Cochrane