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Citizen Cain

You can lead a horse to water
But you cannot make him drink
You can own a man's whole work for life
But you cannot make him think what you want
You can tell them all a thousand lies
But you don't own the world
You can give her everything you want
But you won't have my girl
Man you leave it all in pieces
Let us all come and clean it up
Love to see your name in the papers
Like to hang out at your club
Like to drive around in your silver car
As if it were a cloud
Like to call yourself a legend
But if you were you wouldn't be that proud


Citizen cain, citizen cain
Your money don't buy you love
Citizen cain, citizen cain
I don't know what you could be thinking of
Citizen cain, citizen cain
Don't you think that you have the keys
You might own all the locks in this whole damn town
But there ain't no chains on me

You like to do everybody favors
Then take it all back in spades
Keep everyone you know under your big bad thumb
Until they start to fade
You like to think you're king of the western world
But he died long ago
You like to give yourself to charity
As long as everybody else knows

CHORUS (two more times)

© Tom Cochrane