Tom Cochrane


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Northern Star

Standing there like a scarecrow
Cold wind blows I know where to go
I been all around here like a
Thin man looking for a room
The more I see the less I know that I know

I've been here I been there
I've won and I've lost my share
Been on top and I've been tossed
I've been like the underdog
Whether I've won or lost
You were always my cause
No matter where you are
You're like the northern star

Stand proud there my beauty
Don't foget your love nor duty
Down each passage and avenue
You take what you can
And in time you know what's true
I hate long goodbyes now
So I'm gonna stand outside
And Iet the sun shine down on me
Smile not think about how far away you'll be
I wonder sometimes how the brighter light's outshone by the weaker one


© Tom Cochrane