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Rough And Tumble

Lost outside we'd been lost in the rain
Hard comin' down again
Lonny stayed back until we all got out
He never did say much actions talk that loud

Rough and tumble
Some things you gotta live with some things are gonna change
Rough and tumble
Some stuff is always gonna fall down when you got rain
Rough and tumble
With the pain and the pain you learn and you learn then you get up again
Rough and tumble
Pick yourself back up and get back in the race in the game
Rough and tumble
Rough and tumble
Rough and tumble
Rough and tumble

He said "Son sometimes the wheels will spin loud enough to make you crazy"
When all hope will leave you and your doubt will make it hazy
Then you look in your baby's eyes and you know what it's all about

Won't let you down count me in don't count me out


Think about Brendon Murphy
How his dreams might have made him full
Bet he didn't think it all might end on some
Dusty road near Kabul
Kids like him they give me strength
Get me outside my pride
Least of all I forget about how
We all get scared sometimes


Lonny didn't have long but he went to every game
To get behind his buddies, to get behind the team
We wondered if it hurt as much if it did he didn't say
Least he wouldn't talk about it
He just wanted it that way
Rough and tumble

(Dedicated to Regan Smith and my Monday Night Team)

© Tom Cochrane